Screen capture (still and video)

Screen capture (still and video)

Still Image Snip:
Windows 10 has a built-in tool that allows you to capture an image of an area of the screen. It is called "Snipping Tool" which you can find under the Start menu.

Select Start Windows logo Start button, type snipping tool, and then select it in the search results.

The Snipping Tool has some good features including:
  1. You can take a rectangular-shaped snip of your screen or portion thereof or you can capture free-form
  2. You can set a time delay (up to 5 seconds) to snip capture items such as pop-up menus that disappear from view
  3. You can print the screen snip directly or save it to a JPEG file or e-mail it.
The Windows 10 Snipping Tool will be replaced with "Snip & Sketch" which allows you to capture a screen image, but then adds some tools including highlighter and marker.
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Video Screen Capture:
If you want to record the mouse movements and screens (e.g. Powerpoint slides) on your computer there are tools that allow you to capture and create a video of your screen. These tools also allow you to include sound (music or your voice-over) and some also allow for a small window with you as a presenter.

One of the suggested tools for this is Loom

See the source image     See the source image

Here is a video of Loom at work made by Hawken Faculty:

If you have a project for still image capture or video screen recording, feel free to reach out to the tech team for assistance.

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