Reset Windows Device to Windows Home Version - Only Use When Leaving Hawken

Reset Windows Device to Windows Home Version - Only Use When Leaving Hawken

To restore factory settings and install Windows 11 Home refer to below steps:

Only follow these steps if you have backed up your data and are leaving Hawken School.

To complete this process you will need a reliable internet connection and a blank USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of space, or a blank DVD (and DVD burner). We recommend using a blank USB - CONTENT ON THE DRIVE WILL BE DELETED.

  1. First download Windows Media Creator Here:

  2. Install the program and open it. Agree and terms and "Create Installation Media"

  3. Next choose whether you would like to create media on a USB Flash Drive (8gb+) or make an ISO File to create a DVD (extra steps). We recommend creating a USB Flash Drive and the following steps will use that method.  This will delete the contents of the flash drive. 

  4. Ensure that only the USB Flash Drive you plan to use for the media creator is plugged into your computer and that your computer is plugged into power. Your drive letter may be different than the one in the picture. Click on the drive and click next.
  5. Once the drive is ready it is time to reinstall windows. This next step deletes all files, settings, and applications from your computer. Proceed only after backing up your computer.
  6. Completely shutdown your computer. Turn on the computer while tapping the "Enter" key. Continue as the Lenovo logo comes up. You should hear a beep and enter the Startup Interrupt Menu. Press F12 or "Fn + F12" to choose a temporary startup device.

    7. Select USB FDD from the Boot Menu    

          8. Click Next and the install.
          9. Select "Do Not Have Product Key"

         10. Select Windows 11 Home
        11. Select your "Primary" drive partition. You can also delete, consolidate, and format partitions at this step.
        12. Select OK and the installation will begin

If you receive the message Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is not of the GPT partition style”, delete ALL of the available partition OR turn on UEFI boot in BIOS settings (Tap F1 at startup => "Startup Settings" =>"UEFI/Legacy Boot" - change to "UEFI")

        13. Upon startup follow along with setup and be sure to connect to internet when prompted.
When prompted to login into a Microsoft account we recommend you DO NOT USE YOUR HAWKEN EMAIL

      If you do not connect to internet during setup you will need to go into Activation Settings once Windows starts and select Troubleshoot while connected to internet. 


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