My webcam isn't working!

My webcam isn't working!

My webcam isn’t working


Here is a basic guide to try to self-solve issues with the webcam on your Lenovo Thinkpad computer.


      1.)    Restart your computer from the start menu.

      2.)    Run all available Lenovo System Updates.  This may require you to be plugged in and charging, and a restart at the end is likely.

      3.)    If you have the newest model computer from August 2019 (Thinkpad X390 Yoga), please check to make sure the webcam privacy slider is not in the closed position.

      4.)    In Zoom\Google Classroom\etc please check the settings or options menu to make sure the integrated webcam is selected and see a live test while not even in a session.

      5.)    Please also try your webcam in the Camera app built into Windows 10.  You can find this by going to the start menu and typing in the word “Camera.”

      6.)    If you’ve done all of the above items, or need some assistance with them, please initiate a remote support request using the new IT Help portal at

      7.)    Lastly, if this is determined to be a physical issue with the computer, your Hawken IT technician will arrange for a drop off of the computer for repair, and we will provide a loaner for you to use in the meantime.  If you choose, this will be done without any face-to-face interaction through our new secure drop boxes on campus.

      8.)    As always, many of these platforms are available on just about any other device such as iPads, smart phones, Windows and Mac computers, etc.  If possible, please convert to another camera-enabled device on a temporary basis as necessary to minimize your downtime.

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