How to Submit Lenovo Warranty Claims from Home

How to Submit Lenovo Warranty Claims from Home

How to Submit a Lenovo Service Request

  1. Verify your computer’s Accidental Damage Protection and/or Warranty is active by using this site: to search for plans associated with your serial number. 
  1. Your serial number is written on the Hawken Label on the lid of your computer and on the Lenovo Label on the bottom. 
  2. If you do not have any labels or they are illegible, copy and paste this into your command prompt: wmic bios get serialnumber
  1. Once you have verified your computer is covered follow this link to create an IBM account: IBM Account Setup
  2. Finally, go to this page: and sign in with the IBM account you created. You will be able to submit a new service request once you are signed in. 

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