Lenovo System update tutorial - 20MAR20

Lenovo System update tutorial - 20MAR20

Lenovo System updates Hawken Tech 

Lenovo System update tutorial 

  • It is recommended to plug your device into a power source, as some update required it.

  • Save all unsaved documents – close applications.
  • In the bottom left search box – search for System Update.
  • Open the system updates application.


  • Click next at the first screen.

  • On the top of the screen, you will see three categories
  • Critical updates – Recommended updates and Optional updates.
  • – click on each and choose any and all you will to update. 

  • The updates will download and then install. Depending on the update, you may be prompted to accept the next action (which could be restarting device so update will take effect.)
  • Also, pay attention after restart, once the device restarts – the system updates may continue, and you may be prompted again. 

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