Lenovo Factory Image (Official)

Lenovo Factory Image (Official)

To reset your Lenovo tablet to factory settings after you graduate or leave Hawken School, please do the following:

  1. Make sure you save a copy of all of your important files to a location other than the machine you are restoring.  For example a USB external hard drive, cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive), or another computer.
  2. Plug your computer into a power outlet.
  3. Make sure you have administrative rights to make system-level changes to your computer.  If not, please see the Hawken Tech Dept to assist.
  4. Have a USB flash drive, recommended 32gb, that can be wiped clean (deleting all files from the USB drive).
  5. Perform the steps listed in this video: How To - Creating a Recovery USB Key with Digital Download Recovery Service - YouTube
Once the process has completed, you can transfer your backed-up files back onto the computer.  You will no longer be connected to any Hawken resources and will have full administrative rights to the machine.  The software on the computer will be as if you just purchased it at the store.

-Hawken Tech Dept
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