Hawken Email Migration to Office 365

Hawken Email Migration to Office 365

Most Hawken email accounts are moving from On Premise storage (servers at Hawken School)  to the Office/Microsoft 365 cloud servers.  The migration is designed to be as seamless as possible however there are a few differences we want to you be aware of.  

After your account is moved traditional webmail access Https://webmail.hawken.edu/owa (Left) logins will redirect you to Microsoft Online Outlook 365 (right)
**Please note while your full email address was not required before on webmail it is required to login to your account for Office 365**


Going forward you can access all of your Microsoft Online products including email by visiting https://portal.office.com/ 
**Please note we still recommend using Outlook from your Hawken computer as your default method of viewing your email. **    


Additionally, if you wish to directly access your email from a web browser you can visit https://outlook.office.com

If you are not already logged in please enter your full Hawken email address, Hawken Password and click Sign in. 
If you are on a private computer you may also want to select "Yes' on the Stay signed in screen:

You then will be brought to your email account.

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