Google Meet User Guide

Google Meet User Guide

Google Meet User Guide

· Open a web browser and navigate to
· In the upper right-hand corner, make sure you are signed into your Hawken Google account. This will be the same credentials you use to sign into your PC (full Hawken email and PC password).
· Once you're signed into your Hawken Google Account, just to the left of the user icon, you'll see a settings gear. click it to make sure your webcam and microphone are both being detected and enabled for the session.
· You'll notice two tabs in settings: Audio and Video. Audio will check your computer speakers and microphone. They've provided a test button to play sound through your speakers and you can talk into your mic and visually see that it's working when the 3 dots start moving.
· Next, toggle over to the video tab to see camera settings. Your webcam should be selected by default.
· Once you have your settings configured, you can click done. this is found in the bottom right corner of the settings pop-up box.

Starting A Meeting
· To Start a meeting, click the + button next to"join or start a meeting"
· A box will pop up asking you to enter the meeting code if joining another person's meeting. If you are making your own meeting, either enter a nickname or leave it blank. Hit continue once you are done here.
· Now you will be presented with a final confirmation of all the meeting details. In the Upper right, you can verify the google account you are signed in with. You should be seeing yourself in the small video box as the webcam is now active. Test the microphone if you wish,you can also mute the mic by clicking on the mic icon.
· finally, at the bottom you will see relevant information if you are inviting others to your meeting. You will find a dial in number with a PIN if a member is going to be joining by phone. Also, a link is available if you wish to share with a student or colleague.
· Once you've reviewed your settings, hit “join meeting" to begin.
· here you will be prompted again with a box instructing you how to invite others to join. near the bottom of the pop-up box there is an "invite people" button. Click this to enter the email addresses of people you would like to invite.

Recording a meeting
· has the ability to record your session.Once you’re in your meeting in the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will notice 3 dots in a vertical pattern. Click that and at the top of the menu, you will see record meeting.
· Make sure everyone in the session knows that you are recording.
· When you are ready to stop recording, click the same 3 dots, and at the top you will see stop recording.
· You will receive an email from google notifying you that the recorded session is saved in your google drive. In the confirmation email, you can click the link and it will take you directly to your session.

Scheduling a meeting for a future date & time
· Navigate to
· Make sure you are signed into your google account (upper right-hand corner).
· Click the 9-dot square to the left of your google account icon to bring up your G-Suite of apps.
· Select calendar.
· Double click the date you would like to schedule your meeting.
· At the top you can title your meeting. To set a specific time, make sure the box next to “All day” is unchecked. Choose a start time and end time. To the right of the time boxes you will see “time zone” left click that box to make sure the time zone is eastern time. It should already be selected by default.
· Next you will see a drop-down box to the right of a small camera icon that reads “add conferencing” click the down arrow and choose “hangouts meet” this will indicate you would like to setup a session.
· There is a text box below if you would like to add further description.
· To invite guests, on the right-hand side you will see a guest section.
· You can add the email addresses of who you would like to invite.
· Finally, there is a “guest Permissions” section just below where you added the guest emails.
· I would recommend ensuring that you remove checks from both modify event and invite others. This way your invitees can not change the date and time and they cannot edit the guest list.
· When you are ready to send your event invites,click the blue save button at the top just to the right of where you titled your session.
· Once everyone has joined, you can either speak into the mic, or there is also a chat function that will act as instant messaging among meeting members.
· Finally, end the meeting by clicking the red phone icon. This will let you exit the session. You will be presented with two options upon leaving:
1) return to home screen
2) rejoin

· Navigate to
· Make sure you are signed into your Hawken Google account.
· Click the 9-dot box to and select “drive”
· Once in drive, there will be a folder titled“Meet Recordings” double click to open
· Here you will find all your recorded sessions.These will most likely be randomized file names so it might be helpful torename them so the individuals you are sharing with know what they are. Right click and select “rename” and change the file to a more appropriate name.
· Right click the recording you would like to share. Select “get shareable link”
· Select “sharing settings” at the top, select the drop-down box next to “copy link” and choose “more…”
· Make sure you select “anyone with the link can view (no sign on required). This will allow you to distribute the link outside of the Hawken organization to parents, etc…
· Enter the email addresses you would like to share the file with. You can hit tab when you’re down with an address to move on to the next. To the right of the text entry box, you will notice a pencil icon. Click the pencil to edit recipients’ permissions. If you would like them only to be able to view and NOT make changes select “can view” if you would like the recipient to be able to make changes leave “can edit” selected.

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