General Maintenance of your Lenovo computer

General Maintenance of your Lenovo computer

Below are some recommendations for keeping your computer in optimal condition, not only for remote learning, but during traditional school as well.  A computer that is well-maintained and cared for results in fewer visits to the tech office, less frustration, and added security and protection of this important asset.


Technology Recommendations for General Care of the Computer


        1.)   Reboot\Restart your computer at minimum every 2 weeks.  Also do this when you are having a technical challenge.  You’d be surprised how often simply restarting can fix oddball issues!

        2.)   Install Lenovo System Updates at minimum every 2-3 months or when tech challenges arise.  See this other KB article for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

        3.)   Save files to your network drives or cloud drives (OneDrive\Google Drive) rather than the locations on your hard drive’s Desktop, Documents, Videos, etc.  You can also copy files from your hard drive to these cloud locations.  We are working on KB articles that guide you through this process.

        4.)   Make sure Windows is up to date by allowing for them to install when prompted.

        5.)   Do not eat or drink by the computer.

        6.)   Do not move the computer around the house or to other houses, unless absolutely necessary, to minimize the potential for a physical accidental damage incident.

        7.)   Use the stylus pen only when needed, and do not throw it, use it like a drumstick, or try to insert it in the wrong direction.

        8.)   Cleaning your Lenovo computer.


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