DeHawkenizing Your PC

DeHawkenizing Your PC

DeHawkenizing Your PC

Below you will find resources on submitting hardware requests for your computer in which a return shipping box will be sent to your house in order facilitate any needed repairs as well as the procedure for resetting your computer and preparing it for post-Hawken. Before that though, we will need to address the data on your computer, as well as data saved to your Hawken School supplied Microsoft account (OneDrive, Outlook, & OneNote). 

It is critical that you thoughtfully back up your data. 

Please follow these steps in order to separate your data from your computer and from your Hawken Microsoft account: Take Your Files With You 

It is critical that you thoughtfully back up your data. If you use Google Drive through your Hawken credentials, please remember to copy those files to a personal cloud service or external hard drive as well.  If you have concerns over these steps, we can assist but it may prolong the overall process. 

Once you are confident your pertinent data is backed up, you can move on to addressing any hardware issues. 

*** Applies to devices still with an active warranty ***

Please follow these steps to create a depot repair case with Lenovo in order to address physical damage: 

Now let’s completely reset your PC for the road ahead.  This will restore the system to a base level, with full administrative rights, and software leased through Hawken will be removed.  Please follow this link for the how-to: 

Your done!

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